TEDx Hradec Králové 2013

An opening sequence for the TEDx conference in Hradec Králové. The theme of the one day conference was Geometry of life so the design is based on geometrical shapes and abstraction. It starts with simple shapes and grows into more complex ones trying to suggest a way of understanding the geometry of life. Could it be an atom, a planet, a seed, an egg cell, a DNA? Is it simple or complex? Analog or digital? Is there a way we follow?

The project was nominated among the finalists of Motion Graphics category of the European Design Awards 2014.

The project was featured in the IdN Magazine's Motion Gallery focused on geometric design (v21n2 – Minimalist Issue).

The project was featured at the TEDx Global blog: blog.tedx.com/post/56430207766/the-geometry-of-life-czech-designer-vit-zemcik

My role: Design, animation
Marian Balata: Music

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